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My Last Breath

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I'm finally updating! yay!

WEll, Friday was graduation. I've finally realized how many of my senior friends are leaving. I"ll miss them, but I'm glad they're all gonna be out there in the real world getting things done and making their own ways. I also realized... I'm almost a senior! I'm exempt from all (I think) of my exams, but I am taking at least one. Only like.. a couple days of school left! YAY! Saturday I went to Ashley's party and met her friend Racheal from HI. She was so neato. I'm glad she came up and I hope she Ashley and I can hang out sometime before she goes home. I had alot of fun there. Jesse Staha and Steve Heinz came. And Styeve's cousin tagged along. I didn't realize it was a girl. I felt reallly really bad. Btu then they attacked us with silly string so I didn't feel that bad.

Then I went home and completely planned on sleeping. I was gonna watch the Breakfast Club and then take a nice long nap. But, of course, life isn't perfect. Mommy Daddy and Jennifer were supposed to be al gone. Jenn was at a bday party. My parents went to Rose's 'adult' graduation party. Then, hla fan hour into the movie, mum comes home and is all" You don't want to sit around and watch tv, do you?" So then she dragged me off to Rose's house where a bunch of my friends were. Big big fun. And I saw Julie Terrell, Alli Vallowe's friend. Turns out she's Rose's cousin! Very cool.We had fun but I felt kinda.. uncomfortable at times becauase everyone kept making all these comments about me and Tommy (who was there).Urgh. But anyway... Yeah, it was fun.

I sang at 11 on Sunday. It was pretty nice. Turns out the gift that Tommy got me when he went to Busch Gardens was a unicron! Her name is Nekole. VERY VERY CUTE!!!!

Yeah, that's it. THREE DAYS LEFT!!! Or less...
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