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August 21st At 10:29PM]
Random cool fact. My fanart site has had 397 bumps! woo! And only maybe 30 are mine!
Maybe I should stop neglecting it...
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August 21st At 10:19PM]
I don't know how I've gone so long without updating. Seems like now, of all times, I should be way too busy/stressed to even attempt it. After all, haven't I been trying to update more often all summer? *sigh*. Band camp has been great, don't get me wrong. I'm so proud of the flutes! Well, there are a few little disputes but as long as certain people realize that the leadership isn't going to change because she doesn't like it, things will go more smoothly. It's just everything all compounding I guess. I haven't seen Tom since last Saturday and he hasn't called since Monday. Three months have come and gone so fast. Then there's like a major family crisis... My Aunt Susan died Friday. I found out when my dad picked me up from band. I haven't relaly been around anyone since it happened, and I definetly haven't talked about it or how I feel about it. Too complicated. And so, my mum is up in NY trying to get the funeral squared away and working on paying off the house so that Jamie (my cousin, who is now essentially family-less other than us) can have a place to live while she's going to school. And then there's the fact that she barely makes enough to get by as it is, and on top of that she has to pay tuition. And Julie's started having seizures again. I think it's because Mommy's gone. She had 3 between 10 Saturday night and 4 this afternoon. That's really bad. I told Daddy to take her to the vet tmorrow. I wish she could have gone today, but it was a Sunday, and no doctor was on duty. i just wsh everything would suddenly get easier ya know?

The world as I know it is collapsing around my ears.
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August 6th At 9:31PM]
My parents are sooo neato frito. I got home from AL yesterday and guess what they got me while I was gone??



I'm sooo excited. AND,.... I got to drive it today... *glee*

*end random happy post*
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July 20th At 10:51PM]

well, hopefully friday I'll be going to VAB for three days.
Then I'm off to AL to visit Kori and the old band kids.

But it's all up for ruin with the way my family works...

I see the world in a swirl of hues,
but my favorite color is shame.

Tonight the sky is painted...
Tonight the sky is painted melancholy
and the wind sings songs as if it would lament
some tragedy on the far side of the world.

We're in the deep pockets of my mind,
where i lust after blood and pain.

Tonight the sky is painted...
Tonight the sky is painted melancholy
and the wind sings songs as if it would lament
some tragedy on the far side of the world.

I am I and the world is a woman
from who i must take take take.
In an act of lust, no, in an act of pride
And I am damned, but can I be saved?
but can i be saved?...saved

Tonight the sky is painted
Tonight the sky is painted
Tonight the sky is painted
Tonight the sky is
Melancholy and the wind sings songs as if it would lament
some tragedy on the far side of the world.

And the wind sings songs as if it would lament
some tragedy on the far side of the world.
Theatre~Gatsby's American dream

I fell in love with that song after I got the Warped tour cd.  And Also "Ohio is for Lovers" by Hawthorne Heights.

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July 18th At 9:32PM]
I got a new layout...

Moshpit Layouts!
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July 16th At 9:41PM]
It's over.

I've finished.

No matter how long I tried to draw it out, I'm done.

It was-- amazing. Remarkable. Perfect.

And I was right.

I hate that I was right.

He died, just like I said.

And now... it's just one step away from...

"Neither can live while the other survives"
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July 14th At 11:18PM]
I.. wow... the new Pope is against Harry Potter.....

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July 13th At 5:36PM]

Known facts about the new bookCollapse )


My ideas...Collapse )

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July 12th At 3:51PM]
See my comment statisticsCollapse )
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July 12th At 2:26PM]
Wow. This (http://www.mugglenet.com/editorials/editorials/edit-sfranklin01.shtml) iis the first editorial that gave me any sort of inclination to the fact that Seamus MAY be the Half Blood Prince. In case you're wondering how this idea comes into play with the next book, Amazon released a picture of the new book that showed a mysterious ring on Harry's hand. It didn't show up on the original US cover, but it looks like the ring found on the back of the UK edition. I almost agree with the idea of Seamus being a traitor to Gryffindor owing to the appearance of two rings. Has he two loyalties? hmmm...

I have a few other opinions about the coming plots, but I don't have time to type them up now. Perhaps I"ll find time after the King's Dominion trip and before Friday...
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July 12th At 1:07PM]
wow. I'm sorta sad that the show changed, but I'm also really excited about the new theme... West Side Story!!
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July 11th At 2:07PM]
4 days to the Half Blood Prince.
Also, the new Goblet of Fire movie was previewed in Chicago. Here's some insider views of the new2 movie.

Watch for spoilers.
Saddest thing about it? Molly and Percy aren't even IN it.
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July 2nd At 1:01AM]

1. I'm home
2. HP is sooo close!
3. My parents got me a keyboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. Still in my work camp bubble
5. Leaving 4 Pgh tomorrow
6. Miss you all already
7. Saw Ashley today
8. happy Birthday Aunt Denise
9. And Taylor
10. The end
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June 19th At 10:29PM]


i get a kick out of sitting here, refreshing my page and watching the different things this says.  I made it on sloganizer.net.  Once it said "The goddess created Hermione and Draco"... oh yeah...

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June 19th At 10:24PM]
Watching CoS on ABC Family...
"What do you care? Voldemort was after your time!"
"Lord Voldemort is my past, present and future..."

Sorry, jsut had to say that... Chills the bones dear Voldy does.
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June 19th At 10:16PM]
So,... Friday was Tommy's bday party. WAY fun. I mean, the movie I'd already seen and we spent alot of time on ddr, but the company couldn't have been better! It's one of those occassions when you realize how much you truly love your friends... I mean.. yeah, I don't know what I mean. But i love you guys! *sob*

Wow... strangeness ensues.

Yesterday the section leaders went to Katies. Big fun there as well. We had a water fight and all was right iwth the world. i mean, there were some parts where I couldn't stand it, but overall it was fun. I was surprised by the number of section leaders who are Catholic. Rock on!

Today I went to 730 mass. It was oddly peaceful and I LOVED one song we sang.. drat it all I can't remember the name, but it was really minor and haunting and... sigh. The lyrics were great. They're on Andrew's other xanga though.. I'll have to copy them here later... Then the Roses and family went to Great Falls for hiking and a picnic. I had alot of fun with Karen Alli Emily and Mandy. OWner what happened to our fearless leader/president? i haven't seen her lately. Maybe she left already? I don't know. I thought she was going to help with the float but she wasn't at the last meeting. Well, the treasurer (me) has only missed one meeting... lol

Then tonight I burned a cake. Someone upstairs doesn't like me.
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New haircut! [Wednesday
June 15th At 9:16PM]

Oh yes, I feel like a showdog...Collapse )

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June 13th At 7:45AM]
My Last Breath

*What Song by Evanescence are You?*
brought to you by Quizilla

I'm finally updating! yay!

WEll, Friday was graduation. I've finally realized how many of my senior friends are leaving. I"ll miss them, but I'm glad they're all gonna be out there in the real world getting things done and making their own ways. I also realized... I'm almost a senior! I'm exempt from all (I think) of my exams, but I am taking at least one. Only like.. a couple days of school left! YAY! Saturday I went to Ashley's party and met her friend Racheal from HI. She was so neato. I'm glad she came up and I hope she Ashley and I can hang out sometime before she goes home. I had alot of fun there. Jesse Staha and Steve Heinz came. And Styeve's cousin tagged along. I didn't realize it was a girl. I felt reallly really bad. Btu then they attacked us with silly string so I didn't feel that bad.

Then I went home and completely planned on sleeping. I was gonna watch the Breakfast Club and then take a nice long nap. But, of course, life isn't perfect. Mommy Daddy and Jennifer were supposed to be al gone. Jenn was at a bday party. My parents went to Rose's 'adult' graduation party. Then, hla fan hour into the movie, mum comes home and is all" You don't want to sit around and watch tv, do you?" So then she dragged me off to Rose's house where a bunch of my friends were. Big big fun. And I saw Julie Terrell, Alli Vallowe's friend. Turns out she's Rose's cousin! Very cool.We had fun but I felt kinda.. uncomfortable at times becauase everyone kept making all these comments about me and Tommy (who was there).Urgh. But anyway... Yeah, it was fun.

I sang at 11 on Sunday. It was pretty nice. Turns out the gift that Tommy got me when he went to Busch Gardens was a unicron! Her name is Nekole. VERY VERY CUTE!!!!

Yeah, that's it. THREE DAYS LEFT!!! Or less...
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June 9th At 8:24AM]
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June 6th At 9:12AM]
Think you know Harry Potter? Take my quiz:

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