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So,... Friday was Tommy's bday party. WAY fun. I mean, the movie I'd already seen and we spent alot of time on ddr, but the company couldn't have been better! It's one of those occassions when you realize how much you truly love your friends... I mean.. yeah, I don't know what I mean. But i love you guys! *sob*

Wow... strangeness ensues.

Yesterday the section leaders went to Katies. Big fun there as well. We had a water fight and all was right iwth the world. i mean, there were some parts where I couldn't stand it, but overall it was fun. I was surprised by the number of section leaders who are Catholic. Rock on!

Today I went to 730 mass. It was oddly peaceful and I LOVED one song we sang.. drat it all I can't remember the name, but it was really minor and haunting and... sigh. The lyrics were great. They're on Andrew's other xanga though.. I'll have to copy them here later... Then the Roses and family went to Great Falls for hiking and a picnic. I had alot of fun with Karen Alli Emily and Mandy. OWner what happened to our fearless leader/president? i haven't seen her lately. Maybe she left already? I don't know. I thought she was going to help with the float but she wasn't at the last meeting. Well, the treasurer (me) has only missed one meeting... lol

Then tonight I burned a cake. Someone upstairs doesn't like me.
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